Our Story

Buoyant Beginnings


I had quit my job to move to Austin to help care for my brother who was terminally ill. The time was intense; the emotions ran high. I was exhausted, and my brother’s neighbor told me about “floating” and how it had helped her daughter, just 30 years old at the time, who had used flotation therapy to soothe the chronic hip pain. I made an appointment.

I was intrigued and unprepared for my physical, mental, and emotional reactions after my first float. It started out of curiosity, and that curiosity led to an “oh gosh” – this is how well I can feel? How well can I sleep? How good it feels to laugh for no reason? And to have an appetite and experience feeling hungry for healthy food? There has to be something more to this, and I had to go back a second time to see if it was as good as the first. The traffic in Austin was horrendous – a long commute – but after floating, I was calm, physically relaxed, and centered. I didn’t understand the real correlation between all of those feelings and something called “Floating.” By my third float, my mind opened up to a creative flow – and I was planning the physical layout of a float center – drafting it in my head. And making decisions about what I wanted to do differently to bring this to Omaha. It was life-changing.

Twenty-eight months later, here we are – making these same experiences available to you for whole mind + body wellness.