What is Full-Spectrum Infrared?

For starters, it’s what makes our sauna special.

Full-Spectrum infrared (pronounced infra-red), or IR for short, is a naturally occurring part of the sun’s spectrum of light. Although infrared is invisible to the human eye, we experience this form of light as heat, which can penetrate human tissue at the cellular level to yield many health benefits.

People choose full-spectrum infrared for many reasons.

Whether you’re looking to improve the appearance of your skin, reduce systemic inflammation, or shed extra pounds, you’ll find our full-spectrum infrared sauna therapeutic in all sorts of ways. Best of all, it’s safe, comfortable, and proven effective.


Full-spectrum infrared light can penetrate and rejuvenate the skin’s epidermis, promoting collagen growth, healing of wounds, and a generally healthier appearance.


Full-spectrum infrared light can also enter the body’s soft, inflamed tissues, promoting oxygenation, circulation, and muscle relaxation by helping to expand blood vessels.


When its temperature rises under full-spectrum infrared light, the body works to cool itself by increasing cardiac output and metabolism as during exercise—encouraging weight loss.